Concession Information

What to we need for our concessions stand shift?

  • A concession shift should have a minimum of 6 adult volunteers with a goal of 8. Weeknight shifts are less busy. Friday nights and Saturday afternoons are the heavy shifts.
  • You can have teen volunteers over the age of 14 work the candy window or fill sodas. No teens can run the 2 main registers or work near the grill/fryer. Only 2 teens between ages of 14-18 in addition to 6 adults volunteers can work a shift.
  • All volunteers must wear closed toed shoes and all long hair should be pulled back (ponytails are in the concession stand if needed).
  • Shift times should be on the schedule but they are typically 5-9 on weeknights. 8 am - noon Sat. morning, noon-4 for lunch shift and 4- 8 for Sat. night.
  • We've worked hard at simplifying the menu to make it easier on our team volunteers. Our Concessions management team is usually there before each shift doing prep work for you.
  • Each memebr wokring the full shift does get a free meal during that shift.

Please feel free to send any questions/concerns to

Concessions Schedule