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Posted Jan 21, 2012

Dear Potential Sponsor/Partner,


As a respected businessperson in our community, we at Glenwood Little League understand that you are often approached with sponsorship and advertising opportunities. However, we have some unique marketing options available to a company such as yours that will benefit both of our causes. I appreciate you taking the time to look through the proposed advertising opportunities Glenwood Little League has to offer you for the 2017 season!

You will see on the following page a range of sponsorship options that we offer, as well as the option to build advertising packages suited to your company’s specific needs. Allow me to take a moment to address the audience you will be reaching by partnering with Glenwood Little League. Our league alone has 300-400 families that are members; this means they, along with their family and friends, come to Glenwood 2-5 times PER WEEK and typically go to our website and social media just as often, if not more frequently. Our players at the PeeWee level and above (in both softball and baseball) travel all over the county; any given week they can play as far north as Kalama and as far east as Washougal…this provides your company the chance to be seen all over the region at minimal cost to you! We also host games, clinics, tournaments and post-season play at the District and State level…this means there are thousands of potential customers seeing YOUR advertisements on banners, signs, jerseys, etc.! In addition, Glenwood often rents our facilities to private organizations such as private sports leagues (both baseball and football), church organizations (for celebrations such as Easter Egg Hunts, parties, etc.) and fundraising organizations; the result is that your business will be marketed to a wide array of potential customers.

In addition to the benefits to you, your sponsorship of our league has a massive impact on Glenwood itself. Since 1973 Glenwood Little League has provided thousands of children ages 4 -18 the opportunity to learn the games of baseball and softball, and in doing so, instilling the foundation of hard work, sportsmanship and the value of community in our players.  Glenwood Little League is a non-profit organization, and as such we receive zero funding from the county or city; we rely entirely upon our baseball/softball community and fundraising efforts to maintain and update our property, supply uniforms and equipment, pay for practice facilities and ensure travel costs for post-season play.  We are also proud to provide scholarships to our Glenwood families that may be experiencing financial hardship.  Our organization is run solely through volunteerism; coaches, board members, umpires, scorekeepers...everyone involved with Glenwood Little League operations and maintenance is a valued volunteer.

The community and neighborhoods surrounding Glenwood Little League have been growing at an amazing rate of over 7% since 2012. This is thousands of people PER YEAR moving into the area that could (and should) be seeing a reminder of your business every time they drive past or visit our property, web page or social media! With the major expansion of 119th St (our fields are located at 9001 NE 119th St., Vancouver, WA 98686) and the explosive building of new housing developments within our boundaries, we anticipate hundreds of new families entering our league in the near future. Glenwood is growing and we are thrilled at the possibility to have you grow with us! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or inquiries you may have. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Janelle Hughes, Sponsorship Coordinator, Glenwood Little League

Sponsor Levels
Sponsor Ship Level Benefits
All Sponsors level receive:

Ad/Recognition on Glenwood LL Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Team/Recognition Plaque
Minimum One Time as "Sponsor of The Week" for Glenwood LL
Recognition on Glenwood LL Website Sponsorship Page

$250 Level Sponsorship to Tball team - Name on back of Jesery. Feb. 15th is the deadline.
$350 Level Sponsorship of Upper Division PeeWee & Above Team) - Name on back of jersey & Weblink on front Page of GWLL's website
$500 Level

Sponsorship of Upper Division PeeWee & Above Team) - Name on back of jersey & Weblink on front Page of GWLL's website


3 x 5' Banner on Fence at GWLL Field

Advertisement on GWLL Concession Stand

Web Link on Middle of Front Page on GWLL Website

$1000 Level

3 banners - 2 on Fences and 1 facing traffic on 119th

Advertisement on GWLL Concession Stand

2 Complimentary Tickets to GWLL Auction

Web Link on Top of front age of GWLL Website