Volunteer - Be an Umpire
Posted Nov 5, 2011

The Little League volunteer umpire is essential to the operation of every Little League program. It is not enough to know the rules of the games of baseball and softball, however. Being a Little League umpire also means being able to fairly and impartially enforce those rules in the context of a game for kids. Little League umpires should never strive to be the center of attention. They should let the children be the stars. In fact, it’s been said that the best-umpired game is the one in which nobody could remember who the umpire was. Veteran Little League umpires will say the highest praise they receive is a “good game, blue,” comment from a child. For the Little League volunteer umpire, that is more than adequate compensation. Some of the tips you will find on this Umpire Resource Center are very basic, while others are more advanced. So this is designed to be useful for any umpire at any level of Little League – even for someone who is just thinking about umpiring. We’ll add more content from time to time, so keep checking back for updated tips. And, of course, the Umpire Resource Center is free. It’s yet another benefit of membership in the world’s largest, and most respected youth sports organization -- Little League.


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